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5 Ways to Accent Your Home for a Unique Flair

5 Ways to Accent Your Home for a Unique Flair

As much as you love your home, it might not be that unique a place. Whether it’s the same floor plan as every other apartment in the building or the same layout as many homes up and down your street, it’s common to feel a feeling of “sameness” to other homes around you unless you do something to make your living space truly your own. Knowing ways to accent your home for a unique flair helps you accomplish this.

Home Decor Ideas:

Watercolor Your Walls

Watercolor walls bring better color than neutral whites or beiges, but they’re also soft in their tone so they don’t overpower your furniture or guests with sensitive eyes. They make a great supporting backdrop to vibrant pieces of furniture and especially hardwood floors. And — because they are subtler than a solid accent wall — you’ll likely find your chosen color novel and exciting for years.

Add Handmade Items to a Room

Anyone looking around a room will at least subconsciously notice the construction quality of the space and the modern manufacturing of anything from furniture and electronics to carpet and curtains. While modern manufacturing methods have their benefits, many find that they lack the warmth of older handcrafted rooms.

Adding handcrafted items at intervals brings an earthy and authentic vibe back to any space. A hand-carved table, a custom lampshade, a vintage hand-stitched tablecloth — anything with that handmade touch immeasurably warms your home.

Consult an Impressionist Art Seller

If you’re familiar at all with the work of Claude Monet, then you know what impressionist paintings are. These paintings emphasize open composition, accurate portrayal of lighting, and thin brush strokes that are still visible.

Many impressionist pieces can bring a lot of different colors to any room in your home and evoke an image or scene while doing so in a soft and understated fashion. They work well as accent pieces because they command attention and yet provide visual comfort in a place of rest and relaxation. So contact an Impressionist Art Seller and see what they have to offer.

Accent Pillows

The right accent pillows can add a pop of flair to an otherwise visually steady room. They can also be very physically comfortable to sit or nap with, and comfort should always be the best flair in any room in a home.

Choose pillows within your chosen color scheme for the room, but vary the shapes, sizes, and fabric textures. Pay attention to the pillow fill material as well; what is comfortable to your favorite interior designer may not be comfortable to you.

Tantalize Everyone’s Sense of Smell

Incorporating unique flair to your home can include the scents everyone picks up when there. Fresh flowers always make a place feel alive, and candles add warmth in the night and winter. Baking something aromatic in the kitchen can leave a lingering smell for hours or more.

Accenting your home for unique flair isn’t just a way to counteract how much it might look and feel like other homes around you. If your home actually has a unique construction and design, then adding your own distinct flair can help honor the inherent individuality of your residence for a truly memorable and enjoyable place to live.

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