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Easy house cleaning tips can save you time

Earlier on, I used to reside in California, but have recently shifted to Iowa. To socialize with my new neighbors, I called them to my place for tea. While they came to my house for the first time, I wanted my home to look perfect. Throughout the morning I cleaned my house, cleared the clutters, and decorated it in order to make it look appealing and welcoming to my neighbors. Of course, cleaning the entire house single handedly was quite a tiring job and time consuming. So, I realized that I need to find out some easy and quick ways to clean the house. I went through many magazines and browsed the internet in search of some quick home cleaning tips. Thankfully, I came across some really useful and handy tips that came to my great help. If you want to know about those tips, continue reading the article.

Here I will focus on some home cleaning tips room by room –
Since living room is the most important part of a house where people relax after a long tiring day, we will start with some cleaning tips of a living room.

Clear the clutter: As I found in a magazine, de-cluttering should be the first step of cleaning a living room. However, de-cluttering often takes the maximum time of the entire cleaning process, so here I have come up with a few simple tips.

  • When it comes to de-cluttering my living room, I gather all the belongings in the room and sought out which are the things important and which are the things less or not important. I keep the important things back in place and discard the unimportant items.
  • If I find a cup laying on the table or a toy laying on the sofa, I immediately remove them and keep them in respective places.

Clean the floor: When time is less and I have to clean the floor, I simply vacuum the high traffic sections of the floor. Since the floors in my living room are made of laminate tiles, I just have to wipe them with a good cleaning agent. This makes my floor look clean and absolutely spic and span.
Furniture: To clean the furniture fast I simply dust them and brush off the cushions. If possible, I sometimes vacuum the chairs with sweeper attachment. To make them look a more little perfect, I fluff the cushions or replace them with new ones.
Kitchen is the next important area of a house that tends to get dirty more often. So, here are some quick and easy tips that I always follow when cleaning the kitchen.

Clean refrigerator: I wipe off spills in the refrigerator as soon as I notice them. Once in a week, I clean the shelves or any gloppy jar bottoms in the refrigerator.

Kitchen cabinets: One of the quickest ways to clean the cabinets is to just wipe the surface on a regular basis. Any stain or fingerprints are found on the cabinet surface, I immediately swab them.

Clean the utensils immediately: I rinse dirty utensils, pots, and pans while cooking and put them in the dish washer. This saves my time and allows me to do less clean up after dinner.

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