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How to Keep Your Organic Wool Topper Clean, Soft, and Usable?

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When you wish to protect your mattress from wear and tear, spotting, and sagging, an organic wool topper can be utilized. A mattress pad not only improves the life of your mattress but also makes it more comfortable, which gives you a sound sleep.

However, to keep receiving these comforts of an organic wool topper, you need to maintain it. Fortunately, wool is an easy material to maintain and clean. You just have to use the right methods to enhance its lifespan and increase the benefits received from it.

Below we have discussed how you can keep your organic wool topper clean and soft for a long time. Start exploring.

Tips to Maintain your Organic Wool Topper

A lot of questions related to an organic wool topper might cross your mind.

Can you wash the topper?

Is it okay to steam it?

Do you need to dry it out in the fresh air?

Do you need to remove it regularly?

If you are also struggling to find the answers to these questions, here’s the solution. Check how you can maintain your organic wool topper.

1. Every Day Breathing

It is good to make your bed to make your room look clean. But, unmaking the bed is also a good idea for your blankets, sheets, and organic wool topper. This helps the topper to release moisture naturally.

2. Flip and Rotate

Apart from unmaking the bed, you can also flip and rotate your mattress topper to avoid bumps and sagging. It is not uncommon for mattresses and toppers to sag and develop dips. To avoid that, you can flip the mattress regularly. This includes changing sides once in a while to equally spread weight all over the mattress.

  • Flipping will help in spreading the weight on both sides.
  • Rotating will help in spreading the weight along with the mattress.

3. Sun Drying

One of the best methods for cleaning your organic wool topper is to use sun drying. When you are sleeping, the moisture from your body enters the mattress toppers.

This can lead to:

  • Bad odor
  • Moisture
  • Dips and bumps

You can take this topper in the sun and dry it for a day to remove odor and moisture from the mattress. Through this method, you can:

  • Remove water content
  • Disinfect the topper
  • Improve its life
  • Eliminate odor from a stain

In case, you can’t take your topper outside because it is heavy, then open the window and unmake your bed. Let the sunshine fall on the mattress topper for the best results. Also, remember to airdry from both sides to completely remove the infection, moisture, and smell.

4. Spot Cleaning

It is not hard to spill something on the mattress topper; especially when you have kids in the house.

While we can’t avoid spilling and spotting completely, we can avoid stains.

As soon as there’s a stain, clean the stain.

  • Take a dry cloth and absorb the moisture. Use as many dry towels as you need for this purpose.
  • Now, take a damp cloth, put some cleaning liquid on it, and dab it on the stain. Avoid rubbing as this will only increase the issue. This is because rubbing can create lumps in your organic wool topper.
  • Lastly, clean again with a dry cloth.

Don’t use hot water on protein stains, such as a bloodstain.

5. Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning your organic bedding elements is not always a good idea. You may have purchased an organic wool topper to avoid exposure to chemicals. When you dry clean this mattress topper, the chemicals used for cleaning stay in the topper. This increases your exposure to hazardous chemicals and their residues, such as bleaches, harsh brighteners, irritants, and fragrances. These chemicals can harm infants, irritate the eyes, and trigger allergic reactions in asthmatic people.

If you want to dry clean your mattress topper, ensure that only organic products are used. You can find a provider that uses organic dry cleaning products for the entire process. This would eliminate the use of any type of irritants on your mattress topper.

6. Avoid Beater

Many individuals use a beater to dust their mattresses and blankets. This gets out all the dust from the mattress pad. However, this method is not feasible for organic wool topper because it can break fibers in the mattress topper and make your topper lumpy.

7. Avoid Steam

Similar to beating, steam helps in cleaning the mattress toppers. On a regular topper, if you use steam, it will work as an antibacterial agent. But, on wool, if you use steam, the wool fibers will clump and ruin the structure of the topper.

Additionally, you don’t need to steam your wool topper, it is naturally antibacterial. Simply sun-dry it for this purpose.

8. Avoid Too Much Water Exposure

Exposing your wool topper to a lot of water is also not a good idea. Your topper will absorb water, which will make it hard to dry it or carry it. Further, this will lead to lumps and dips.


An organic wool topper is designed to protect your mattress and offer your body more support while sleeping. However, this topper may wear out early without proper care. Hence, to avoid that from happening, follow the above tips and keep your topper clean and useful for a long time. Just don’t forget to check the instructions tag to ensure you using the right methods for cleaning and maintaining the mattress pad.

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