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Preventative Treatment For Home Maintenance

Six Situations Where Preventative Treatment Can Go a Long Way In Your Home

Sadly, the most expensive home repairs are usually preventable. Don’t fall into the trap of being too comfortable with home maintenance or you might be one of the unlucky homeowners that wind up with a huge repair bill that could financially set you back for months.

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Promptly Fix Slow Leaks

If you have a slow leak in your shower grout, you might think you have time to fix it. But when you think about the logistics of water seeping under floor boards, you can quickly see you’ll have an instant problem. Mold thrives in dark, wet environments, and warm shower water under carpet or hardwood is the ideal recipe for mold growth. As soon as you notice a crack in your grout, fix it that day. Mold eradication can cost you thousands of dollars while cracked grout is less than $20.

Maintain Your Chimney

Chimney fires are particularly dangerous because they spread so rapidly to the roof, greatly increasing your risk of making your home a total loss. If you use your fireplace regularly, always have your chimney expected prior to using it for the first time that season. A simple cleaning for about $150 can save your entire home.

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Root Damage to Pipes

Roots can cause massive plumbing leaks or blockages. When you’re planting trees or shrubs, don’t choose varieties that grow quickly or plant anything near your lateral line. A blocked sewer line can cause upwards of $8000 of damage if it collapses or is invaded by roots.

Frozen Pipes

Even a few hours of water shooting from a pipe that’s busted from being frozen can completely destroy your walls, floors, and belongings. When you leave your house in the cold months, whether it’s for the day or for an extended trip, make sure you leave all of your faucets dripping and your thermostat set no lower than 60 degrees.

Pest Control

If you see any signs of rodents, immediately take steps to prevent them from coming in. Once they find a way in or find your house to be a great place to find food, you’re going to be invaded quickly. Block openings around drains and outside vents with steel wool, and ensure your attic isn’t being moved into because it’s relatively warm and filled with insulation for their nests. Be sure to call a professional to handle pest problems, and take preventive measures to keep your home free of rodents.

Install a Sump Pump

When you live in area that gets hit hard by rain, you need something to ensure your basement doesn’t become filled with water every time it rains. Sump pumps will pump out excess ground water before it fills your basement. A battery back up system is essential, too, and costs significantly less than your insurance deductible will.


Maintenance can be costly, but remember a few hundred dollars is more doable than a huge insurance deductible and a costly repair bill.


Informational credit to Go Evergreen Pest & Termite.

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