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What Type of Refrigerator You Should Choose for Your Home?

What Type of Refrigerator You Should Choose for Your Home?

 Refrigerators are one the necessary appliances in the kitchen. It’s not an appliance that you’re supposed to buy every other year, in case it fails to meet your needs or get inoperable. Before purchasing a fridge, you’ll need to consider a lot of factors, since manufacturers are putting in new functions and features designed to keep the food fresh much longer. In additions, refrigerators today are much more energy-efficient. Size, style, storage capacity and energy-efficiency are a few important factors that should be taken into account if you’re looking for a replacing or upgrading your fridge.

Here is our guide below on what type of refrigerator you should choose for your home:

Refrigerator Types

There are different types of refrigerators in the market to choose from, and all have their advantages and disadvantages. Typically we get to see five styles of fridges:

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Top Freezer

This is the most common style of fridge, with the freezer compartment on top. Though it may have fewer features than say, side-by-side refrigerators, it still offers decent storage capacity and cost less that most refrigerators.

Bottom Freezer

This type of refrigerator is similar to features found in the top freezer models, but here the freezer in located at the bottom. The design makes it easier for people to reach foods in the fridge. Some models have freezer drawers that make it simpler to store and organize your food.

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French door

French door refrigerators are designed similarly to the bottom freezer fridges, but they’re ideal for buyers who have limited space in their kitchens.  These fridges have doors that are vertically-split allowing you to access both sides of the refrigerator easily. Even though they have a bigger price tag, they do have more features and functions than other refrigerator types.


A standard side-by-side refrigerator has a freezer compartment on the left and refrigerator compartment on the right. The whole unit is vertically split at the middle. This design is suitable for a kitchen with limited space because you need minimal clearance for door swing. Besides, accessing both frozen and fresh food is also easy to access. Side-by-side refrigerators comparatively have less storage space than traditional top freezer fridges, but they are equipped with unique features.


These types of refrigerators are ideal for small space like offices, hotel rooms, dorm room, bedroom and home mini bars. They have the least capacity than all fridges, but they can be installed above and below counters depending on the model. Some models also come with a freezer compartment as well.

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Refrigerator Options and Features

Once you made your mind what type of refrigerator you will buy, you can narrow down your choices by features, functions and options they are sold. Manufacturers are continuously adding more new features, including Wi-Fi and touch screen functionality turning them into, “smart” refrigerators. It all comes down to your budget that matches with the features that are worth considering.

Energy efficiency

Always buy a fridge that is energy efficient and has the lowest operating cost. Not only you will save on your electricity bills, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Ask your sales representative for details about energy efficiency regarding your fridge model you wanted to buy.

Refrigerator size

If saving space is your concern, then look for a unit that has separate fridge and freezer doors. These models are both efficient and have increased freezer space.

Shelves and Shelf Adjusters

Buy a fridge that comes with a modular rack system, so that you can adjust the position of the shelf, drawers and bins if any. Also, make sure they are spill proof.

Storage and Bin Storage size

Make sure the drawers and bin in your refrigerator have ample space to store fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, eggs, and so on. Also, look out for model will good door storage. Check if the door storage space has ample space and height to store a range of bottle sizes like milk, soft drink and wine bottles. 

Temperature and Climate Control

Check if the fridge you are buying has temperature control in a convenient location and the option to monitor the temperature of the freezer and fridge automatically. Some models have climate control for drawers and bins, and regulate the temperature of the food items, to keep them fresh and last longer.

Interior Lighting. 

Don’t purchase a refrigerator that’s not lit evenly and the light fails to reach in all areas.

Water Dispensers and Ice Makers

Some refrigerators, usually the pricier ones have an automatic ice maker or water dispenser, or both. It’s okay if you don’t need them, but they can be quite useful. 

Antibacterial coating and Air Filters.

Refrigerators the come with antibacterial coating helps prevent the growth of bacteria both in the food and in the interiors of the fridge. This makes your food last longer and your fridge clean. Also, consider buying a fridge that’s equipped with an air filter system. It helps reduces odor from the refrigerator.

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Make Sure the Fridge Fits

Before you buy the refrigerator will fit in the space you allocated in your house, after excluding some space of air circulation. Also, keep in mind if the doors of your house are wide enough the fridge to go through. Also, check for space clearance of your kitchen if the fridge’s doors swing in both directions. 


Always buy a refrigerator from a manufacturer that offers a warranty, and excellent customer service.

Happy Shopping!

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