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Is Your New Home Really Childproofed?

Is Your New Home Really Childproofed?

Moving house is tiring and overwhelming process, especially when a child is involved.  When dealing with so many things, people tend to disregard an essential aspect of moving to a new home – safety. Living spaces hide a surprisingly many risks for the health and well – being of the little ones. The statistics show alarming results as millions of infants get accidentally injured in their domestic environment.

The new home is even more dangerous as tons of boxes and unpacked items cover the floor. This gives your child an easy access to hazardous items and chemicals. Except for the regular childproofing such as putting safety gadgets, you need to take care of reducing the dangers while settling down.

Image credit - iStockphoto
Image credit – iStockphoto

Examine the Territory

Before taking any measures, you need to scope the risky areas. As a grown – up you might dismiss some spots because of false assumption. Avoid this common mistake by taking a baby’s eye view. If your child is crawling and climbing, they can probably reach more than you ever thought. See how things look from their perspective. This will help you identify the cupboards, drawers and other appliances and spaces that might hurt your infant. Store your boxes in a room away from your toddler until you unpack. Secure it with a lock.


When it comes to childproofing, these are your best friends. Safety gates, locks, corner and edge bumpers and doorknob covers are some of the basic tools you can use. A quick remark: don’t use pressure gates for the stairs. A gate that screws to the wall is much safer. You can also hire a professional child proofer who will spot the areas that constitute potential dangers and will install the safety devices. The downside of those gadgets is that they create a false sense of security. Keep in mind that nothing can substitute you eyes and ears.

Furniture and Fixture

Large dressers and bookcases are extremely dangerous because a child might get tempted to climb it. Your first job when you move house is to secure them by bolting the appliances to the wall. In addition, put the heavy items on the bottom. Try to keep the furniture closed when not used. Be sure that all the sharp corners of tables and cabinet drawers are covered.

Image credit - iStockphoto
Image credit – iStockphoto

Door and Windows

Keep furniture away from the windows. Otherwise your kid might use it as a ladder and fall out. Window blinds are not so obvious to recognize as a potential threat to your kid. Just imagine how your child gets trapped in the cords and strangle. Purchase window coverings without chords.


Prevention is the best strategy. Keep medicines, poisonous ingredients, chemicals and dangerous items such as knives in secure place, away from your child.  Never leave standing water as well as full bath tubs, pools, and buckets unattended. Drowning is a real threat. Prohibit the emission of poisonous elements. New homes usually have fresh layer of paint that might contain volatile organic compounds.  You can either replace it with a green alternative or cover the walls with a sealant. Most importantly, be ready when an emergency occurs. Learn basic life – saving tips like CPR. Be sure you have first –aid supplies when you are moving house. For more ideas you can contact: Efficient Removals and Storage solutions in Chelsea.



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