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Cleaning Upholstery – Say Goodbye to Messy Pet Hair on Your Sofa or Couch

upholstery cleaning

Cleaning Upholstery – Get Rid Of Pet Hair From Your Sofa!

If your pets jump up on your sofa or couch and take naps there frequently, keep a watchful eye on them because not only can they leave oil residue from their fur, but they leave lots of fur and hair that you may not notice at first glance.  In addition, dogs and cats may damage your sofa or couch by accidentally clawing or leaving chew marks. Therefore, follow these steps for regular cleaning, as well as try some of these tips for managing pet hair.

upholstery cleaning
Image by Joy via Flickr

How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Furniture

If your dog is anything like mine, she considers the living room her own personal sanctuary. In fact, our dog has even claimed one particular cushion as hers to sit upon repeatedly. It seems cute at first but then becomes embarrassing to always see clumps of pet hair on a couch, especially when you have company. These tips will help you remove pet hair easier and quicker.

  • Check your sofa upholstery—is it wet? Moisten a pair of rubber gloves and run your hand over it to attract hair. Move it in a circular motion and you should pick of mounds of pet hair by rolling them into little balls. Rinse the glove off and repeat this step as needed fro cleaning upholstery.
  • Use a small wet sponge instead if you don’t have any rubber gloves.
  • Then you can use a lint roller to pick up the excess hair, while only needing one or two sheets, instead of an entire roll.
  • Complete the process by using a vacuum attachment and vacuuming the sofa and couch and the areas around it.

Other Tips for Removing Pet Hair

  • Any kind of rubber tool works well on microfiber sofas,  since they have smaller piling which makes them appear sleeker and makes them easier to clean. Press hard with a short rubber brush to form clumps and gather it together.
  • Lint rollers or dryer sheets work wonderfully for picking up pet hair, as long as you use them at least once a week. If you go longer than that, you may use up an entire roll of lint roller, and it won’t be cost effective.
  • Brush your dog out regularly with a fine-toothed pet brush to pull out the loose hair and eliminate shedding all over the furniture and house.

General Cleaning Tips for Leather Sofas

  • Dry dust your leather sofa or couch weekly with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Remove dry dirt or stains by sweeping them away with a soft bristled brush or even your hand.
  • Try not to let the furniture become wet. If it does, quickly clean spills by dabbing it and then cleaning from the outside of the stain and working inward.

General Cleaning Tips for Plush Sofas

  • Use your vacuum attachment and low suction to pick up dirt at least once a week.
  • Spot clean as necessary but don’t over wet any one area.
  • Get your plush sofa or couch professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Need New Furniture?

Are you in the market for a new sofa? Then visit reputable furniture stores where they sell comfortable leather and plush sofas.  These use only real cowhide leather in their sofas and offer 10 year warranties on their products. However, if you want to keep your sofa looking that good , make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips.

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