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Do’s & Don’ts While Using Antique Wall Mirror in Modern Interior Design

Antique Wall Mirror in Modern Interior Design

Mirrors are all around us, and they are used for many different purposes. If you walk through the city, you can’t help but see your reflection against the mirrors on the buildings. We have mirrors in our houses, some for decorations -and others for the purposes of checking whether we are smartly dressed before leaving the house. The different forms of mirrors we see around are classified into the plane, curved, which are in two parts-concave and convex and other commercial types of mirrors that may be used for decoration of walls and floors. Among the decorative mirrors available, there are those that are known as the Antique mirrors which are very outstanding when it comes to the decor world. They have a wooden frame which could be beautifully decorated using some engraving or embedding styles depending on one’s taste. If the frame does not appeal to you, you can always have it refurbished to your own likes and preferences. The mirror itself is eye-catching and it adds a touch of elegance to the surface against which you are going to place it.

Since antique mirrors don’t come cheap or easy, then someone living in the modern world has to know how to fuse these two worlds together and come up with something that not only feels right at home but also something that blends with the other pieces in the room so effortlessly. To this end, we have dos and don’ts that need to be observed in order to keep the home’s style at an all-time high.

DON’T Randomly Buy and Hang Antique Mirrors in the House

Antique Mirrors in the House

Some people simply don’t like the idea of seeing blank spaces on the wall. They want to fill it with something and more often than not, it’s a wall mirror. In as much as one or two mirrors fell into place in the house, it’s not a wise idea to have several of these antique mirrors just clanking around the house. As a rule of thumb, check where the mirror is reflecting. To make it look very good, you need to make sure the mirror is reflecting something that looks good; something you feel nice about.

DON’T Place Antique Mirrors on the Ceiling

Although mirrors are a blessing to civilization, it doesn’t mean that you have to be looking at a reflection of people or yourself all the time. For this purpose, it’s very unsightly to have a wall mirror on the ceiling. While it might feel to some people, others find it a bit of a throwback to the 1970s when that was all the rage.

DO use Big Mirrors in Small Rooms

Big Mirrors in Small RoomsBig mirrors are a huge asset to small rooms. If you want to make the whole room look and feel deeper than it really is, then use a mirror. For instance, you can hang a big mirror on top of the dining table reflecting the chandelier. This trick makes the room feel larger than it really is. The opposite can also be applied in a narrow hallway or staircase using a small mirror to increase the field of view giving the place a much better flow while moving from one room to the other.

DO Make the Mirror the Highlight of the Room

Having a large mirror is common practice in dressing rooms and corners in the home, however, contra to popular belief, a large antique mirror can be used as an attraction in a room. If you can go a step further and add some lights to it, it can set the whole tone for the entire room. If for instance, you have a large gold mirror with yellow lighting, then it goes to follow that the surrounding furniture goes with a similar theme.

DO Use the Mirror Outdoors

One other way to use antique mirrors in modern interior design is by placing them outside. Normally, mirrors are placed indoors. However, you can use an old wall mirror outside as an attraction. You can use the mirror to add a degree of depth to regular outdoor spaces such as at a garden statue, water fountain or at the corner of the yard.

DON’T go Overboard

Although they are a huge source of house beautification, there are some rooms that simply don’t need mirrors in modern interior designs. Some places like the kitchen do not need mirrors because of the constant watermarks. That means the mirror will have to be wiped every now and then to keep it spotless. Another place where you shouldn’t necessarily have a wall mirror is the bedroom; more so reflecting the bed. If you must place an antique mirror in the bedroom, have it somewhere you won’t catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror as soon as you get up from the bed.

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