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Home Gardening – How to Cut Grass like a Pro

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Home Gardening- How to Cut Grass like a Pro

Cutting grass or lawn mowing is a vital step in home gardening. Anyone can cut grass but the manner in which you cut grass determines the quality of your lawn. Well, yard maintenance companies are in business and they will tell you they are the best shot you have to maintain a healthy lawn. One thing you should know is that these companies are not the only professionals. You can be a professional too. Here is how to cut grass like a pro.

Avoid Mowing In the Same Direction

The worst thing you can do to your lawn is to cut grass in your yard in one direction each time. Such lawn may develop ugly stripes that regrow irregularly. A good pro-like plan would be to mow the yard at one time and perpendicular that direction when you mow next. This will create a nice pattern that will last a season.

home gardening

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Use the Right Tool

The best tool to enable you to cut your grass like a pro is a string trimmer or a commercial weed eater. They are very easy to use and deliver the best when it comes to quality of cut. Search the market for the best string trimmer if you do not yet have one. You can also use a lawn mower where necessary.

Pick the Best Time to Mow

The best time to do this home gardening is early in the middle or later in the morning. Why should this be the case? At this time, due has already dried from the grass and the sun is not too strong allowing you to do your job well without worry.

Avoid Overcutting Your Grass

Experts contend that 8cm (3-inch) grass encourages root development leading to deeper root systems and prevents weeds from colonizing the grass. Such grass also looks better. Try to cut the grass with to this height. You can measure if possible.

Maintain Sharp Blades – Home Gardening Tip

Imagine a barber using a blunt hair clipper on your hair; it can be a terrible experience and outcome. Blunt blades can hurt your grass and lead to a poor cutting outcome. A good way to achieve the best lawn is to use a sharp lawn mower. This will deliver a well-manicured grass, and such clean cuts that promote greater grass health and prevent infection by fungi. You can use a grinding wheel or a mill- bastard file to sharpen the blade of our lawn mower. Be sure to maintain the blade surface angle of the manufacturer.

Maintain and adhere to one-third rule

Experts recommend that you should not cut over one-third of your grass blade at a single time. This will ensure you have healthy grass that will regrow with adequate cover and uniformity.


Now you know the best way to cut your grass like a pro. There is no reason why you should spend money hiring professional services when you can the right commercial weed eater to always maintain your lawn at its best. If you are using a lawn mower then you must ensure it is of good quality to protect the integrity and health of your grass.

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