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Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

 If you feel like it is high time you redesigned your home a bit and bring a little change in your life, why not start with the kitchen? If you do not know where to begin and what to do, here we have 10 ideas that can help you improve, or on the other hand, make more radical changes in your kitchen.

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

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  1. Plan It Carefully

Not one major project can you start without carefully organizing yourself. Take a piece of paper and make a list of things that you would like to change, and most importantly, calculate the cost of it so that you can adjust to the budget you have available.

  1. Function Trumps Design

When it comes to kitchen renovations, first thing you need to do is decide where you are going to keep the most important elements like refrigerator, sink, cooker and an oven, and only after you see that you can function around them should you move on to the decorative part of the renovating process.

  1. Decide on the Color

Before picking out elements, choose the color for your walls and tiles. You can choose whichever you want, but remember, if you have a small kitchen, lighter and more neutral colors will open it up, whereas darker shades can suit larger space without making it seem claustrophobic.

Use Every Inch of Free Space - Green Wall

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  1. Use Every Inch of Free Space

In a small kitchen, people find it hard to fit everything they need. If you are in such problem, avoid counters, as they can take up a lot of space, but rather put up shelves to open up the space. To be really original, use one wall only for all the different ingredients and herbs. Green wall will help you save some space on the shelves, and give your kitchen natural, outdoorsy look, and pleasant smell.

  1. Manage the Counters

However, if you have enough space for them, counters never go out of style. The only problem you might encounter is their height, as many people put them lower and not all the way up to the ceiling. That way there is a lot of dust collecting at the top, what is definitely not healthy for a place reserved for cooking.

  1. Illuminate the Place

Be more original, and besides just installing one central light in the kitchen, put neon ones right above the working surfaces, sink and the stove. That way, not only will it be more unique, you will see better what you are doing when preparing food.

Skegg Kitchen

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  1. One Obligatory Element

For some time now, kitchen islands have become an obligatory part of spacious kitchen. They do not only contribute to modern design, but are also extremely practical, as they can be used for food preparation, but also to store bit more appliances, or even install a kitchen sink.

  1. Keep the Air Fresh

It is hard to get rid of the cooking smell from the kitchen, and it can spread around the house and get stuck in the furniture. That is why you should not forget to install a range hood and keep it turned on whenever you are working at the stove.

  1. Recycle

Trash bin will definitely find its place in your kitchen, but consider installing one additional one for recycling material only. It is high time you make your home a bit more eco-friendly place.

  1. Be Safe

Last on our list, but not the least important is kitchen safety. No matter what kind of design you had in mind, it is always a good thing to go with rounded countertops, non-slippery flooring, especially if you have children running around the house.

If you follow these 10 basic tips, you will end up with a new, completely functional and beautiful kitchen in no time.

Author bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture lover and a foodie from Sydney, Australia. Her biggest passion is doing crafty work and remodeling her place. Recently she’s been obsessed with indoor vertical gardens and would like to install one in her kitchen.

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