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3 Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover Without Renovations

3 Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover Without Renovations


Your home is your sanctuary, and every home needs rejuvenation once in a while to help to keep it looking fresh and fashionable, and also to keep it clean and spotless. Fully renovating your home requires planning and heavy construction work, and the costs usually run way beyond the set budgets. But you don’t need to knock down walls or add new rooms to refresh the look of your home. Take a look at our tips below for some ideas of how to give your home a makeover without renovations.

Change the Theme of Your Décor

If your home is still stuck in the 70s or 80s (or god forbid the 60s!), it might be time to bring the décor up to date with a more sleek and modern look. Changing your décor can be as simple as replacing your lounge set or as complex as re-doing the entire interior and exterior of your home. Often a fresh coat of paint in a new colour can make a big difference, even though it’s only a simple change.

If your house is in an older area, you will generally find that many of the houses around you have been built in a similar style to your house. So if your neighbours have undertaken some new paint jobs or decor updates take a look at what they’ve done to see what works and what doesn’t. If you’re not undertaking large renovations, it’s important to take into consideration and work with the structure you’ve already got, while giving it a more modern look. Home magazines are a good source for decor ideas including paint, wall decals, furniture, light fittings, floor coverings and colour schemes that are more up to date.

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Consult an Interior Designer

One of the best ways to update your look in a way that best suits your existing home and today’s style is to consult with an interior designer. Interior designers specialise in refreshing a home’s look without structural changes, which is perfect if you don’t want to undertake renovations. Better yet, they have a wide range of experience in different home styles and decor choices and will be able to quickly build a style that’s more beautiful and modern that also fits your preferences and budget.

Despite the name, interior designers can also makeover outdoor areas, like the front porch, the patio or the deck to give it a specific flavour and feel. An interior designer will assist you in achieving ‘flow’ throughout the house, with the furniture, decorations and colour schemes blending seamlessly from room to room. With training in artistic styles and classic motifs, an interior designer can help you successfully achieve a specific theme with the look and feel you want for your living space.

Update the Fittings

Sometimes it’s just one aspect or room of the house that really ages it, such as an out of date kitchen or a terribly tacky bathroom. You can update the fittings in these rooms in a do it yourself way, with hundreds of options available at your local hardware or home wares store. Combined with a new coat of paint, you can totally transform the look of the rooms for a fresher and more up to date feel.

Another area of the house that can really show wear and tear over time is the flooring. If you have carpet, it’s easy for lodged in dirt and dust to collect over the years, or even for certain areas of the carpet to wear away over prolonged use. Consider getting a professional carpet cleaning once every few years to keep your carpet looking clean and stain free, or if you really need it, consider replacing the carpet. Revealing the floor boards, or updating the staining on your existing floorboards with a sand and polish is a great way to give a sleek timeless look to any room.

With these tips you can easily update the look of your home without expensive renovations, giving you a fresh, more beautiful living space to come home to and enjoy.

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