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5 Things to Ask Before a New Window Installation

5 Things to Ask Before a New Window Installation

It’s not always easy to ask the right questions, especially if you aren’t an expert in the subject matter. Window installations are one of these times for many homeowners. You should never hesitate to ask any questions weighing on your mind, but make sure you investigate at least these few issues before moving forward.

How Do You Intend to Use Them?

The first thing you need to know is the intended purpose of the window. This might seem like a silly question because windows are just windows, but there’s actually more to it. You need to know if you plan to open the window and by how much. If it’s a potential secondary emergency escape route, then it needs to open all the way and have latches. If it’s just for some air movement, you can get windows that only open a little bit for better security.

Should You Replace Them All?

Replacing a window is often an opportunity to try something new. Unfortunately, this usually means that one frame and window won’t match all the rest. That’s why it’s a good time to ask yourself if you want to do a complete window installation around the entire room or home. This is particularly important to consider if you own an older home. Another thing to consider is if you are planning on renovating the exterior of your home. You’ll want to be sure to get window frames that match the color and style you’ll pick for a cohesive look.

Are They Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a big deal for people who care about their monthly power bill. Windows are one of the most vulnerable points for heat transfer, so insulating material and design are ideal. Efficient windows are particularly important in the hotter and colder climates where HVAC systems run for months on end every year. Less efficient windows could cause heating or cooling bills to soar, not to mention having a negative impact on the environment.

Are They Secure?

Security is always a concern when it comes to family homes. One of the most important things to know about your windows is their security potential. Windows should be sturdy and come with a lock at the bare minimum. If you feel security is a larger issue in your area, you might consider talking to a professional. There are options for windows that offer a greater level of security than the average home window. Integrating an alarm system across all windows and doors is a good precaution too.

What Kind of Style Do You Want?

Looks matter when it comes to home design, so there’s no point in pretending that you want your new windows to look as good as they work. There are literally hundreds of style options out there when it comes to frame design, materials, patterns, and colors. Whether you want a classic white frame or a modern black metal, there are options to fit every style. Don’t be afraid to look around and see what’s out there before making a final decision.

Don’t just push through a window replacement or Window Installation because you need to. Take the time to get involved and find a solution that really fits your needs. Choosing the right windows can transform the way you feel about your home.

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