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7 easy ways to re-style your kitchen

Are you hesitant to style your kitchen due to high budget involved? If yes, do not worry any more. Here is a list of 7 cost-effective tricks to style your kitchen. Do not believe? Take a look –

1. Color your cabinets: Give an instant makeover to your kitchen by painting your cabinets in bright colors. Freshly painted cabinets are sure to take the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen one notch higher. Be it glossy black or matte white – it will give a svelte look to your kitchen this season.

Tip: match the cabinet colors with kitchen walls.
For example – white cabinets with yellow or orange colored kitchen walls will look well-matched. Similarly, black cabinets with white colored kitchen walls are apt for a sophisticated look.

2. Add a splash of color to kitchen walls: Not everyone knows that painting of kitchen walls can do wonders. Do not believe us? Try yourself. Choose bright colors this spring and see your kitchen get a new look in no time.
Tip: Contrast the kitchen walls with the cabinets. Possible examples –

Ivory or green colored walls will complement cherry colored cabinets.
Dark colored walls will complement light colored cabinets

3. Rev up your appliances: Cover up the old and worn kitchen appliances with art magnets. Choose art magnets to beautify your kitchen appliances. Art magnets looks good on refrigerators well. Some homeowners use art magnets on their dishwashers too.
Tip: Best art magnets designs – stainless steel, paintings, holiday theme and so on.

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4. Create a center of attention: Instead of giving a monotonous look to the entire kitchen, create a focus element in your kitchen. Color the central cabinet differently than the rest of the cupboards.

5. Install new knobs and handles: Change the handles and knobs of your kitchen cabinets. Streamline handles are currently in fashion. If you are looking to convert your traditional kitchen into modern, opt for these handles. They complement a cosmopolitan look which will inevitably add to your kitchen’s appeal.

6. Decorate the kitchen counter tops: It is perhaps one of the most difficult places to style. Between frequent cooking and leftover meals, this kitchen area struggles to look nice throughout the day.
Often homemakers hide their kitchen counter tops with endless number of kitchens appliances. Well, its not really a realistic idea to do.

With little bit of planning and hard work, you can style your kitchen brilliantly. Here are few suggestions that you can consider while styling your kitchen counter tops:

  • Place wood cutting board on the corner of the kitchen counter top
  • Keep fresh fruits and vegetables on the counter top. (Avoid keeping boxed food)
  • Keep cooking oils next to the stove
  • Stock up all cooking magazines and recipe books in one corner of the counter top
  • Decorate the counter top with cooking herbs.

7. Personalize your kitchen: Update your kitchen with items you love – paintings, family heirlooms, family photographs and so on. Remember whatever style you choose, ultimately your kitchen should have a positive ambiance. Instead of blindly aping styles, try to bring in personal innovative ideas. They will look amazing and give you appreciation from everyone.
Nicola is a renowned author. She has written many articles on interior design and also on out door equipments like Outdoor Shade, sun shades. In this article she writes about the kitchen countertops.

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