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Five Inexpensive Ways to Brighten up Rooms

brighten up rooms

Five Inexpensive Ways to Brighten Up Rooms and Improve the Decor Further

Simple touches can transform the look and feel of your home and allow you to enjoy a comforting sanctuary. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your space look and feel brand new.


A new plant can breathe new life into your home. Green plants not only brighten up rooms, but can vastly improve indoor air quality. Place a table in your living room and add green plants to brighten and spruce up your home. Add flowers to your deck, a fern to your bedroom or pot a banana plant in your living room. Plants are usually inexpensive, and a good selection of flowers and greenery can bring any room to life.

brighten up rooms
Image credit: Golden Windows Limited


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room. If your paint is uninspiring, choose from a wide range of paints in a variety of colors and enjoy the feel of a brand new room. If a complete repainting isn’t feasible, try removable wallpaper, wall quotes or accent paint. Vibrant colors will wake up a room, while neutrals will give a space a warm, neutral feel.


You can create an entirely new room with the right lighting. Turn off harsh overhead lights and choose soft floor or table lamps. Lamps will illuminate gloomy, dark spots and bring your entire home to life. Just a few simple lights can make all of the difference in transforming the look and feel of your home, adding warmth and hominess. To increase natural light in a room, a London doors and windows specialist recommends installing a windowed door to the outside. This will brighten up rooms significantly, without letting in excessive light or drafts.


If your home needs a quick pick me up, try accent pieces like couch pillows, rugs and mirrors. Create a wall of pictures with matching frames or add a few small mirrors for a decorative touch. Even small accents can make a big difference, so try out some decorative pieces in your living room, bedroom or even the bathroom for a new, fresh look.


You don’t have to find the most expensive pieces of furniture to brighten and improve your home. Small accent pieces like side tables, ottomans or chairs are enough to make your room look brand new. You can find gently used furniture at thrift stores and restore it, adding your own personal touches. New furniture is an instant conversation starter and can make your home look and feel brand new.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a home transformation. A few plants, new accents and better lighting can do wonders for your home. Find the right pieces for your home transformation and enjoy the look and feel of a new home today.

Image credit: Golden Windows Limited

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