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Choose the Perfect Lighting for your Period Property

Whether you own a red-brick Victorian detached house in the town or a manor in the countryside, there’s no denying the charm of a period home. Original features and tons of character are what makes these homes oh-so beautiful, and when you’re decorating your home you need to take that into consideration.
Lighting styles

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Choosing lighting for your period home can be trickier than you might think. Most older properties, particularly grand Victorian homes, will have high ceilings and large windows – some may even have floor to ceiling windows. A high ceiling demands a statement light that will hold its own in such a spacious room.



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Chandeliers are the obvious choice when it comes to choosing lighting for your period home. Whether you opt for a classic Versailles style glass chandelier, a vintage 1930’s style or a modern lamp chandelier is totally your decision and depends on the style of decor you already have in your home. But whatever you do, make sure that you measure your available space and pay attention to the size of chandelier you are choosing. By picking something too small for your space it will be totally lost amongst the room’s other features. For a more custom feel you can always look to get something made for you – Rocco Borghese in London creates contemporary bespoke chandeliers according to your specifications (see ).


Make a statement

A great place to add a focal, feature light is in your hallway. After all, it’s the first place that visitors to your home will see, and adding a statement chandelier or light fitting makes a stunning first impression. Glass chandeliers look beautiful in hallways – not only do they catch the light when the door is opened, but they also make a lovely sound when the breeze hits them. A crystal chandelier can look particularly beautiful if your home is furnished in dark colors – this will really set off the light sparkle of the crystals.
Other options



Of course, you don’t need to choose a chandelier for your period-style lighting; you could opt for traditional standard lamp or pendants to create a cosy feel, or even add a touch of contemporary style with a large handcrafted feature pendant in the center of your room. But chandeliers will always look stunning in period properties, whether you have them in the living room, bedroom or just the hallway.
If you can’t find the right size of chandelier to fit your space, it makes sense to have one custom made to fit. Bespoke chandeliers may cost a little more but hold their value in terms of quality and longevity – they are made with the highest level of attention to detail to ensure they’ll look gorgeous in your home for many years.

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