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Down Mattress Topper: Factors to Consider Before Buying It

down mattress topper

Buying a quality mattress is essential for sound sleep, but it is an expensive affair. A quality mattress can cost you thousands of dollars, but the investment is justified for quality products. The shelf life of top-notch mattresses is usually high, but the same can always be increased by using a down mattress topper. For the uninitiated, it is used to cover a mattress to increase its life by lowering the pressure on the mattress’s springs. Being said that, one should not use it over mattresses that are almost broke. A topper can only be used to increase the life of a mattress that is about to become obsolete in a few years, not for mattresses that are not in a usable condition.

If you have a mattress that is in a moderate condition or you are planning to buy a new one, then purchasing a down mattress topper will be a good option in both the cases. It will protect the mattress allowing it to be used for more years. A mattress topper also enhances the overall comfort level. Since there a lot of options out there, choosing the best topper is a real challenge. In this comprehensive article, we have covered all the primary points that one should consider while purchasing a down mattress topper. It will help you get the right product at the best price.

The Material of the Topper

The material of a mattress topper is unarguably the first thing that you should check. There are various materials that manufacturers use to make quality mattress toppers. Memory foam, poly foam & latex, wool, and down feathers are the main materials. Since you are looking forward to buying a down mattress topper, you should check whether the mattress has goose down, duck down, or grey vs. white down feathers. Out of the three options, a topper made with goose down is considered to be of premium quality. It is hypoallergenic, provides more warmth, and is soft to touch. If you live in a very cold region, then buy a topper made with goose down.

Toppers made with duck down are affordable and comparatively on the thinner side. It serves the purpose but is not as good as a goose down topper. People with a limited budget can consider buying this. For the last option, i.e., toppers made with grey vs. white down; it is ideal for people with a limited budget. A mattress topper made with grey vs. white down can be purchased if you live a region that experiences a mixed or moderate climate.

Mattress Toppers Size

As a down mattress topper will be placed over your mattress, it is advised that you take care of the size. A lot of people end up buying a topper that is either longer or shorter to the height of their existing mattresses. You should take measurement of your current mattress, and use the same as reference for buying the right-sized topper. However, there are people that intentionally purchase a size larger than their mattress because of their personal specifications. You can choose to purchase the size that you deem fit. In case, you don’t have much idea and just want a neat topper that goes perfectly with the mattress, then go ahead with buying a topper of the exact same measurements.

The Thickness of the Topper

When it comes to a down mattress topper, you can either get too thick or a completely thin topper. The ideal thickness is considered as 2-3 inches. If you feel that you require more thickness for better comfort, then you should change your mattress instead. Any topper thicker than 2-3 inches may not be comfortable for everyone. You can always approach a reliable seller of down mattress topper for assistance.

Better Body Support & Comfort

Before you start your search for finding the “perfect” mattress topper, it is best that you decide the goal first. You should filter your searches depending on the purpose of buying a mattress topper. You need to think, whether you’re purchasing a topper for additional cushioning or for keeping you cooler or warmer. Apart from these reasons, your goal can be different too. In case you’re confused, you should consult a mattress expert for better clarity. They are professionals in the field and can guide you the best. However, if your only goal to buy a mattress topper is to get extra comfort and additional body support, then you should change your current mattress because a topper cannot provide the required structure or support.

Price & Quality

It is a common saying that one should compare an apple with an apple, and not another fruit. Similar is the case with a down mattress topper. You can find an extensive range of options in the market, but to make the right choice, you should compare the products wisely. Don’t compare the features and quality of a lesser priced mattress topper with that of a premium range product. Filter the mattress toppers that are within your budget, and then compare the features of two similar-priced mattress toppers. Make a checklist, if required, and then start your searching process. Usually, a good quality topper will cost you approximately 50% of the replacement cost of your current mattress. So, besides comparing the price, quality, and features, you should also pay attention to the remaining mattress life.


Buying a top-quality down mattress topper within the budget is an arduous task, but it is worth the efforts. If you pay attention to all the factors mentioned-above while purchasing a mattress topper, then you are sure to find the right match. You can always add more specifications on the list, depending on your requirements. However, if you don’t have enough idea, then you can consider the important factors shared in this article. They are more than enough to assist you in finding the best mattress topper in the market.

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