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A Discourse on the Terms of Exhibition Furniture Hire

A Discourse on the Terms of Exhibition Furniture Hire

Terms of lease are the most important aspect to consider if you are thinking of exhibition furniture hire for your event. Most of the time it so happens that the business owners end up investing more money for the event furniture than they initially thought, just because they haven’t read the terms of lease meticulously.

Both the leasing company as well as you should be very clear about certain things that you need to take into account right from the beginning. These may include questions like what is the lease term and how long you can use the leased furnishings and so on.

Here are a few tips that will help you with that. Just spare a few minutes and go through them to gain some idea.

Exhibition Furniture Hire
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What Is the Cost?

There is much more than just considering the cost of leasing per piece or group, in this case. There are various deposits, fees and taxes to think about. Is there a late fee? What about delivery fees? Ensure that you get the full picture concerning the cost of leasing the furniture prior to signing or agreeing for anything.

Will the Furniture be Delivered or Do You Need to Pick Them up Yourself?

While some companies do deliver others do not. You don’t want your event start time to be close and still waiting for the furniture. It has happened many times that people have realised, on the last minute, which they were supposed to pick up the furniture themselves. The deposit can be forfeited if you fail to pick up and return the furniture on time.

What are the Terms Regarding the Return of the Furniture?

Just like you have to know whether the furniture will be picked up or delivered, similarly after the event you need to know whether the company will pick them up or you are responsible to deliver them. Not only that, you must also be well aware of the late fees and the forfeit of the deposit in case you fail to return the furniture prior to the deadline.

Exhibition Furniture Hire
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What are the Other Terms of Lease Agreement?

The rules and regulations vary from one company to another. You need to be aware of these rules and regulations. For example, will you be charged for a damage that is considered by most as normal wears and tears?If yes then how much will that cost you? What are your rights and what are the rights of the lease company? Prior to signing it, you should read the lease completely word by word.

For most of the businesses and events, going for furniture hire is the easiest and the best choice. Going for exhibition furniture hire in London is not only the simplest thing to do but also the most affordable solution. However, you must make sure that you are getting a good deal by going through the terms of the lease. But keep it in mind, that you should never sign anything until you have completely gone through the entire lease and have understood each and everything. If you do not understand anything or have the slightest doubt in anything, do not hesitate to ask the providers clearly so that you do no go through any trouble later on.



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