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Try Genius Tricks To Remove Decals & Stickers From Wall Mirrors

Remove Decals & Stickers

Decals and stickers are designed to help in the decoration of walls within a home or office. They are mostly made with adhesive surfaces so that they can stick well on walls and glass surfaces. Most decals and stickers are removable and can be easily moved from one position to another. They come in different designs, shapes, and colors. Mostly when you need decorating a bathroom, you will be required to look for stickers and décor that make your bathroom stand out and look attractive. Most people would often overlook the need to have deals that look attractive and complement the bathroom or any other room within a home. Interior designers recommend that when finding the right stickers and decals for your home or gym wall mirrors, you ought to check on their colors, shapes, and the design. Some may be unattractive and may be stuck on the wall making your home look monotonous.

During cleaning, the stickers may be a nuisance depending on how they have been placed on a wall mirror. Some homeowners find the decals beautiful but also irritating during cleaning. Sometimes, there is a need to change the stickers or decals to give the interior space a new look. If you are looking forward to this, ensure that you remove the existing decals or stickers carefully. Without being careful, you may end up leaving pieces behind which will make your decorative bathroom mirror look unappealing. The following are genius ways you can use to remove the decals and stickers from your wall mirrors without creating a mess.

Remove Decals by Using Hot Water and Soap

Remove Decals by Using Hot Water

This is one of the most common methods that has always been used to remove stickers and decals from wall mirrors to make the look clean and stunning. If the decorative bathroom mirror is removable, remove it from the wall and soaked in hot water for about 30 minutes. This soaking helps to break the bonds between the glue and the glass surface. Also, it is useful in softening the sticker or decal so that it can be easily removed without leaving marks. The hot water should have sufficient soap so that breaking the vinyl bonds becomes easy and faster. Unlike using cold water, hot water is more effective for modern decals and stickers. When your wall mirrors not removable, this method can still be applicable. Dampen a soft cloth or sponge with the hot water and soap and place it on the stickers and decals. You should do this repeatedly until they are soft enough to be removed. When they are soft enough, you can use your fingers to peel the stickers off. Remember to wash the wall mirrors with a suitable cleaning agent after you have completely removed the stickers and decals.

Remove Decals by Using Washing Soda

Remove Decals by Using Washing Soda

Washing soda is a great cleaning agent when used with hot water. It is most appropriate for wall mirrors that can be unmounted from the walls. Depending on their size, you should find a container that can comfortably fit it. When the washing soda is mixed with hot water, it forms a cleaning agent that breaks the bonds that exist between the adhesive and the sticker. With this understanding, the mirror should be soaked into the solution for about half an hour. After this time lapse, the stickers should be soft enough to be peeled off using fingers. When handling washing soda chemical, you should be careful and ensure you put on gloves. This will help you to avoid skin irritation which is likely to affect you since it is a strong cleaning agent. Since the liquid formed by washing soda and hot water has low density, it cannot be used on mirrors that are fixed on the wall as soaking is required.

Remove Decals by Using Baking Soda and Cooking Oil

Baking soda is a common cleaning agent used for cleaning glass surfaces. It can be an effective material for the removal of stickers and decals from the surface of wall mirrors. Mixing the baking soda with the cooking oil will form a paste that will be easily applied on a wall mirror that is mounted. Depending on the number of the decals and stickers that you need to be removed from the wall mirrors, mix an adequate amount of baking soda and cooking oil. Using your fingers, apply the paste on the surface of the stickers gently. The paste which should be thick will stick on the surface of the stickers and be left for some minutes. The baking soda will mix with the vinyl holding the sticker to the mirror and make it lose. After you have left the sticker for some minutes, wipe off the paste and any remaining pieces of stickers from the mirror. This will help to keep it clean and attractive. Depending on the number of mirrors that you are cleaning, you can make as much paste as you wish. After removing all the stickers, the mirror should be cleaned.

Remove Decals by Using Heat

Blow dryers can come in handy in producing the heat necessary to break bonds between adhesives and sticker surfaces. When removing stickers on wall mirrors using heat, direct the blow dryer towards it for a few minutes. The heat produced by the dryer will melt the adhesive between the sticker and the mirror making it easy to peel it off. When you need removing a large decal or sticker, ensure that you rut e drying all over their surfaces so that you can easily remove them. This means that you should be consistent with the blowing if you are using a small heating tool. However, no direct heat should be used on a decorative wall mirror as it can end up damaging it in the long run.

In conclusion, decals and stickers are mostly added on decorative wall mirrors and decorative bathroom. They can make your home look attractive and classy, but they can also be a nuisance when you need to make a change. Removing them carefully using the above methods can be a helpful trick to upgrade your home.

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