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Items in Your Home You May Need To Update Annually

Items that you need to Update Annually

Keeping a home in perfect running condition is an ongoing process for residents. While it may often seem like a never ending project, those that keep their home well-maintained and as up-to-date as possible will be saving themselves time and money in the long run. Here is a look at four areas of the home that may benefit from an annual update.

Fire Safety Equipment

There should be a few key pieces of safety equipment designed for house fires throughout the home and they should be tested and possibly updated at least once a year. The amount of fire extinguishers needed within a home will vary, but it is a good idea to keep one in the kitchen, garage, and then near the bedrooms. Every carbon monoxide detector should be tested at least twice a year and after replacing the batteries.

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Air Filters

Air filters can be found in a number of places throughout a home and can drastically alter the comfort of a home. The single biggest energy consumer within a home is the heating and cooling system, and the filters will have a large impact on their efficiency. Filters should be checked and replaced or updated at least once a year during the fall. Other air filters that may need to be changed include space heaters, stovetop hoods, and air purifiers.

Locks and Alarms

Everyone may hope that their locks and alarms will perform well when they are needed the most, but the only way to ensure this is to test them regularly and consider updating them as often as possible. Throughout the year, children may lose their keys at school or the locks may be completed outdated. The easiest way to prevent a lapse in security is to update the locks on the key entrances throughout the home as often as possible according to Affordable Lock Services Inc., a locksmith in Aurora.


Much like maintaining a heating and cooling system, replacing insulation as often as possible could keep energy bills as low as possible throughout the year. Insulation can quickly become laden with moisture, eaten by critters, or simply deteriorate when the seasons change. Owners should check their insulation at least once or twice a year to see how it is holding up and change it if their energy bills climb. If all else fails, an energy auditor can inspect a home in order to find the most problematic areas.


By updating these vital areas of a home and keeping all devices properly maintained, owners can often avoid some of the most common mishaps that often turn into expensive projects.

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