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Should You Replace Your Children’s Beds With a Bunk Bed?

Should You Replace Your Children’s Beds With a Bunk Bed?

When you have kids and not a lot of space to spare, you have to come up with creative, space-saving solutions for your home. Peering into your kids’ bedrooms might be a bit intimidating since, well, there’s just stuff everywhere. How can you possibly create more floor space? Why, by investing in bunk beds, of course! But are they really all that safe? Which style of bunk bed is going to suit your kids’ bedroom the best? Let’s find out.

Are bunk beds even safe for kids?

Bunk beds aren’t the rickety old metal contraptions that they were 30 years ago. These days, there are strong safety regulations in place for manufacturers of bunk beds. While accidents do happen every year, the safety guidelines set in place for how bunk beds are built have helped keep many kids safe from injury. In addition, the beds have been made with the anticipation that kids will jump and climb on them in addition to sleeping on them. This consideration has ensured that the bed will remain in place in most situations so it’s unlikely that the construction of the bed would result in injuries. Instead, it’s more likely that kids jumping off the top bunk would be the cause of any injury.

Give Your Kids More Privacy

Bunk beds might not offer the utmost privacy, but some are designed to give each occupant privacy from one another with things like cloth screens for a tent-style approach to a bunk bed. Some are even designed to make your kids’ bunk bed resemble a house or treehouse, which can make playtime all the more exciting. Older kids who share a room will probably want more privacy without a less kiddy design, and you can find sets that will cater more directly to them.

Bunk Beds That Can Be Separated

Buying bunk beds is a good idea if you know your kids are eventually going to want their own sleeping spaces. There are bunk beds that can be separated when the time comes. This might be best for parents of young twins. Twins are hard to predict when it comes to co-sleeping. Some twins will want to always be next to each other while other sets of twins will eventually want their own space. Having a bunk bed that can be separated gives you the versatility you need for adapting to growing twins.

Consider a Corner or Loft Bunk

If you think it might be hard to assign sleeping arrangements at first, think again. A loft or corner bunk can give you two elevated beds and one or two lower bunks. If there is just one lower bunk, you will get a below-bed space that can be used as a play area or study spot for kids who are in school. Again, it is all about having that degree of versatility you need for your unique kiddos.


Standard beds take up a ton of floor space and end up causing chaos in a shared bedroom. Liven things up and open up floor space in your kids’ bedroom by swapping in a chic – and safe – bunk bed.

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