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Mismatched Furniture? Here Are a Few Tricks To Unify Your Look

Mismatched Furniture? Here Are a Few Tricks To Unify Your Look

Many people accumulate furniture in bits and pieces over the course of their lives. This can lead to mismatched furniture without much of an overall decor theme. If your home is currently suffering from this problem, there are several ways you can solve it. Here are a few tricks to unify the look of your home.

Look for Pieces That Can Tie Other Furniture Together

In some cases, you may be able to match furniture together by adding some pieces that have elements in common with your existing pieces. For example, if you have a table and a couch that are mismatched in your living room, you could try to find a chair that stylistically matches the table but has the color and material of the couch. Intermediate pieces like these can make things seem more unified by bridging your existing decor. This approach lets you make the most of what you already have so that you won’t need to replace it.

Unify Specific Rooms With Themes

Even if your overall home doesn’t have a theme, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a more unified feel in individual rooms. Buying matching bedroom furniture sets, for instance, is a simple and easy way to make a matched look. It will also make the bedrooms in your home feel more tied together. It is best if the sets match the style of the living and dining areas, but they don’t absolutely have to. It may be interesting to have different themed rooms, as that will add plenty of variety to your home.

Rearrange What You Already Have

Sometimes, pieces of furniture would go better with the decor in other rooms of your house. Try to recombine pieces from different rooms to see if you can come up with a design that looks less mismatched. Rearranging furniture can also give you a chance to separate obviously mismatched pieces that clash with each other in extremely noticeable ways. You never know what looks you might be able to come up with. So be flexible and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Focus on Matching Color

When another solution isn’t readily available, try to match colors where you can. Even if there is still a bit of a style mismatch, preventing color clashes will keep your mismatched furniture from being quite as obvious. You can also try to match furniture colors to the paint in specific rooms to get a more harmonious effect. When used properly, color can be a powerful unifying agent that will make your home seem much more thematic than it really is. So find a color scheme for your rooms, and go with it!


Using these four simple tips, you can make your home’s furniture feel less disjointed. While these tricks won’t solve every decor problem, they’re a good place to start. Just remember that this is your space. Your home. The decoration should follow your style, not someone else’s. Make this home what you want it to be. So go to town, find what style fits you best, and embrace it!

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