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The Key to Hiring a Reputable Residential Mover

The Key to Hiring a Reputable Residential Mover

Moving an entire household can be a challenging and stressful undertaking even under the most ideal circumstances. Dealing with a moving service that may be less than professional can lead to numerous problems and complications that you would be wise to avoid.

In addition to shopping around in an effort to compare different estimates, obtaining numerous customer referrals, knowing how to spot a potential red flags and only dealing with movers who are insured and licensed can all make an important difference. Learning how to find and select a more reputable moving company can ensure a smoother, and more successful move.


The Importance of Customer Referrals

Movers who provide superior service, a better value and a more convenient moving experience will have numerous customers who will be eager to share their opinions and stories. Customer referrals offer a wealth of information detailing the type of experience that various movers may be able to offer and often play a key role in ensuring that the best service option or solution is able to be found. There are multiple ways to obtain referrals and recommendations which can include:

  • Personal recommendations from friends and associates
  • Online review sites and services
  • Real estate services and home improvement contractors that work closely with movers

Identify Red Flags

Being able to correctly spot the signs that a moving service may be less than reputable can be of tremendous importance. Any of the following issues may indicate that a mover or service may be attempting to scam unsuspecting clients:

  • Requiring a deposit in order to move items
  • Movers that make use of a residential address, P.O. box or lack a legitimate mailing address entirely
  • Services that do not hold an active DOT license

Only Deal with Movers who are Licensed and Insured

Regulations within the moving industry can differ from state to state, but almost all reputable services will be licensed through the DOT. Dealing only with moving services that hold a current license and insurance policy is never an issue that should go overlooked.

Failing to ensure a service provider is properly licensed and insured can increase the risk of falling prey to a scam. There are numerous online site and services, such as, that you can use in order to verify the legality of a service provider.

Shopping Around and Comparing Estimates

Doing business with the first mover you come across may prove to be a very costly misstep. Contacting multiple moving companies in order to obtain an estimate can allow you to find the best deal while providing you with the information needed to identify estimates that may be vastly different from the general average. Estimates that are significantly higher or lower than the majority of price quotes are a potential red flag, one that should cause you to be wary of a service provider.

Checking for Past Safety Violations and Consumer Complaints

Just because a mover is fully licensed and insured does not always mean they will be able to provide dependable service. Even moving companies that have numerous complaints from clients or a record of past safety violations may still be able to produce a handful of positive customer referrals.

Digging a little deeper into the past service history can help to ensure that a more reputable moving company is able to be found. While the red flags that may indicate a potential scam are often easy to identify by those who know what to look for, discovering whether or not a moving company that is legal and above-board is able to provide quality service often entails a little extra research.

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Art Lopez is the owner of a Phoenix, Arizona moving company called A&C Brothers Moving and Storage. He enjoys helping people make moving as easy and painless as possible.

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