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Top 4 Kitchen Remodel Styles

Top 4 Kitchen Remodel Styles

Our kitchens used to be spaces simply for storing food and preparing meals. Sometimes a kitchen was designed to include what was referred to as a breakfast table or dining nook. Now, a kitchen is often the hub of the home that opens up to other communal spaces. With open floor plans, kitchens are getting a lot of attention. Let’s explore some of the top trending styles seen in today’s kitchen renovations.



A country farmhouse kitchen is rustic, warm, and inviting. This is a kitchen where guests will gather and cook together. The cabinetry looks more like understated furniture. Sinks are generally white glazed porcelain. Appliances may be retro and finishes are likely to be a mix of materials and soothing colors. Rather than an island with bar stools, a country kitchen generally has space for a communal table with a hanging light fixture above. The floors might be hardwood. A farmhouse kitchen encourages people to gather.


Modern kitchens are usually very sleek with polished and flat surfaces. They are efficient, yet the appliances tend to blend in with door and drawer fronts to match the cabinetry. Or, the appliances are bright and clean with glass or stainless steel fronts. The sink might be integrated into the counter with no seams. The appliances are state-of-the-art with built-in technology. Lighting will be recessed and use under-cabinet LED. These are kitchens that beg to be kept clean and free of countertop clutter, save for a bowl of colorful fresh fruit.


European Elegance

Think old-world villa. A traditional European-style kitchen will often embrace an overstated style steeped in history. Cabinets may be dark-stained wood. Countertops are often beautifully veined marble slabs with decorative ogee edges. Appliances are generally professional versions that are large and practical for preparing meals for entertaining. Sinks could be stainless steel or copper. Ceiling beams may be exposed and detailed with moldings or the ceilings are coffered with attractive light fixtures within the recesses. Floors are often tiled. A walk-in pantry for dry goods is common. This style of kitchen is somewhat formal, yet it has an intentional flow for efficient meal preparation.

Coastal Cottage

If you have ever rented a beach house in the summer, you likely encountered a cozy kitchen with plenty of sunlight and shades of pale blues, greens, and whites. These kitchens are casual and not afraid of sandy feet. The floor should be practical for easy cleanup. The fridge is often placed in an area where people can grab beverages without interfering with the cook’s activities. Painted wood cabinets are common, as are butcher block countertops. An island with comfy tall chairs will be well-lit with pendant lamps that might have a nautical theme. Think of a coastal cottage style kitchen as an informal space where kids and adults alike feel free to grab a snack or just hang out, even in a bathing suit.


When you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, the options are endless and can be overwhelming. Many kitchen designers will encourage you to choose a particular style and work with that as your theme or starting point. Whether you are going for sleek contemporary or country casual, there is something to fit anyone’s personal style. Visiting a kitchen showroom can help steer you in the right direction.

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