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Top 5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen

Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen


The kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms in the home and can often determine the value of the property. Although renovating and remodeling can cost thousands of dollars, there are still easy and cheap ways to update the space without spending much. To enhance the design of your kitchen and allow it to look more attractive, there are several easy upgrades to perform.

Replace Hardware

To update your kitchen cabinets, add new hardware with brass or silver pulls and knobs. The hardware is easy to install by screwing in each piece for an easy upgrade that you can do yourself. You can also replace the faucet and light fixtures for details that will contribute to the new design.

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Paint the Walls

One of the easiest ways to transform the tone of a room is by painting the walls a new shade of color. According to Student Works Painting, student painters in Vancouver, it’s important to remove outdated wallpaper and add neutral colors, which can feature an accent wall for more dimension. Trim should also be painted a contrasting color to create a professional look.

Re-stain the Cabinets

Instead of replacing old cabinets that are still in great condition and function well, re-stain the wood for a regal and updated style that looks brand new. You can also paint the cabinets a refreshing pop of color or sand them down to create a rustic look in the home.

Add New Accessories

Even in an updated kitchen, old accessories can put a damper on the space and allow it to look like a blast from the past. Add modern bar-stools, display new dishes in the cabinets, and replace an old teapot on the stove for an easy way of creating a refreshing style that is current with the times.

Install a Chandelier

More people are adding chic and regal details to the kitchen with fixtures that are commonly seen in other rooms of the home. Install a chandelier overhead, which will offer extra lighting in the room and will also work as a decorative piece.


It’s possible to update your kitchen and create a new space to cook in without having to remodel the home. By installing new features and using a fresh coat of paint, it’s possible to transform the room and allow it to look updated with the simple additions.

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