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5 Steps to Vaulting Your Curb Appeal

How to increase your curb appeal

If you are getting your home ready for the big sale, improving your curb appeal is going to need to take center stage. When it comes to attracting buyers, how your home looks from the street view is a huge factor. Get this part of your home marketing strategy wrong, and your home could sit on the market for months, or even years for that matter. Here are five steps to augmenting your home’s curb appeal you can take to ensure buyers take notice and express interest.

Mow Your Lawn

You may think that your grass is not an issue, but an overgrown yard is a huge turnoff to a lot of potential home buyers. The more inviting and immaculate your lawn looks, the better appeal your home will have from the street. Keeping your grass short, without creating eroded regions, will often make a home look better than it really is.

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Restore Old Sidewalks

The discolored cement and cracks in your sidewalk will make your home look way older than it actually is. Replacing the old sidewalk with brighter, newer cement will bring the youthful new look back. If your home is older, this can give the impression that it is younger than it actually is. Be sure to edge around the new sidewalk to make everything look sharp.

Fix Your Garage Door

If your garage door is rusted out or looks all beat up, this is going to be another issue you will want to fix to improve your home’s curb appeal. Professional garage door installers from The Garage Door Co Ltd. and other companies can help you install a nice new door that operates by remote. They can replace bad springs, cables and make sure your garage door functions as it should.

Install a New Mailbox

The rusty old worn-out mailbox at the front of your driveway may not look as nice as it used to. Replacing your old mailbox with a shiny new one will add to the facelift you are giving your home. This is one of those overlooked details that people with a good eye notice immediately when shopping for a new home. So, making the switch to a new mailbox can certainly augment your home’s curb appeal.

Do Something with the Front Door

According to, the front entry is the ambassador of your home. Nothing is more pleasant about a home than an inviting entryway. If the door to your palace is dark and dingy, then you might need to shed some light on the subject. Painting the door a brighter color can make an entry way more visible from the street. Replacing the door with a trendy modern metal door can help to brighten things up also.


A home that says welcome is a home that truly has curb appeal. How much work you will need to do on your home’s external appearance will depend on how often you take the time to keep it looking nice and neat to begin with. For many home owners, a little elbow grease and a few minor changes is all that is needed to really spruce things up.

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