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7 Tips from the pros on how to decorate your Nursery

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Naming your baby is the first step towards your responsibility as a parent, and there are many ways this important milestone can be celebrated. One of the most special ways to welcome a new life into the world is to create a room fit for a little prince or princess.

Tune in to this article to find out how can I decorate a nursery for my kid. There are some ideas that will be helpful to you as a new parent.

1. Use wallpapers to show off the style of the big kid’s room

Bold designs are all over kids’ rooms these days, but that doesn’t mean they should be relegated to older-kids spaces only. We love the idea of taking customizable peel and stick wallpaper pattern and reapplying it to a nursery for an unexpected twist. If you choose a nursery with bolder wallpaper, try mimicking the style to balance it out. This room is a perfect example of how to pull off this design trick without overwhelming too much space.

2. Mix different scales for visual interest

To create an eye-catching graphic effect, use two or more patterns in different scales, like these fun circles over a smaller dot print. The contrast of the curvy circles with the straight lines makes for a dynamic effect that stands out against the stark white backdrop.

3. Introduce some traditional patterns

Sometimes, less is more and adding too much pattern could be overkill. Keep it simple by going with a subtle design like this toile to give your space a chic, traditional feel. While toile is typically associated with the French style of decorating, we love it in this modern nursery.

4. Play around with pattern and color

For a more colorful look, try using a few different patterns that play well off each other – like these sweet dots and stripes – and mix them into an otherwise monochromatic backdrop, like this nursery’s wooden accents. The color contrast of the wallpapers keeps things fun and interesting while the consistent use of design elements creates a sense of cohesion.

5. Choose your own adventure when it comes to patterns

There are endless ways to bring pattern into your space depending on what you’re drawn to. Try mixing a few different scales and patterns to create a fun, playful backdrop for your little one. In a nursery, we love how the bold rainbow pattern is balanced out by the traditional toile wallpaper on the ceiling. Look for cute nursery wallpaper and customize them according to your needs and preferences.

6. If you’re not feeling wallpaper, go with paint instead

Wallpapers might seem like the obvious choice when dressing up walls in a nursery, but don’t go for the easy answer. Paint can be just as versatile and it will give you more design flexibility down the line when your color palette changes. This space is a great example of why we love to paint our walls with nursery decor in mind.

7. Layer different textures for warmth

Bring some texture into your space by adding more than one type of wallpaper (or paint, for that matter). To get the look in this nursery, try pairing a bold geometric print with some warmer textures like grasscloth or cork. Don’t be afraid to break up your patterns with panels or stripes of texture either.

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