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For an artist, the world is a big canvas where he gets to express his creations in every possible way. Interior decoration is not different from other forms of creativity because it combines both art and science together to develop something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also convenient. People are greatly attracted by beautiful and artistic home décor that soothes their mind and makes them feel comforted. There are certain fundamental techniques to be followed for different spaces of the home to improve the outcome.

  1. Bedroom: It is an intimate space, thus should always be decorated as per personal taste. Add a large wooden wardrobe so that the room doesn’t get cluttered with excess stuff. Here are a few things to be considered while decorating a bedroom.
  • Colour coding: Designers at times wish to play with the colour coded theme. Everything in that room will be based on a particular colour palate. This gives the room a modern feel. Avoid colouring the four walls the same as one might feel boxed in. You can’t go wrong in choosing soothing neutrals and peaceful pastels for the walls.
  • Objects in the room: Be mindful while selecting different objects for the bedroom. To give the bedroom a rather simplistic look hang black and white picture frames on the walls. Classic movie posters in white frames or a single artwork on a large wall makes the empty walls more attractive.


  1. Porch: The open porch is the first thing to be seen while looking at the house. The outdoor sitting area might be decorated with retro furniture and coffee tables. Friends and family may gather at the porch and enjoy a nice drink.

    • Use retro tin cans and colourful pots to plant flowers.
    • Install outdoor ceiling fans in the porch to beat the summer heat. Browse through models of designer fans that would complement the painted porch ceiling beautifully.
    • Don’t clutter the walls with wall hangings; instead, add a single frame on the wall.
    • Place light wicker or wooden furniture on the porch to give a Bohemian look.
    • Add a wind chime to create a whimsical feeling.
  1. Bathroom: Large bathroom spaces are easily be manipulated to one’s own advantage. But most of the city apartments do not come with a spacious bathroom area. That is when the artists and designers show their creativity.
  • Layout: The initial step needs to be worked with a designer and architect to utilize space regarding plumbing and wiring as these things can’t be remodelled repeatedly.
  • Storage: Plan your bathroom storage unit strategically to use more free space. Build storage units under the sink to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lighting and colour: It is very important to install proper lighting and choose a neutral colour to make an area look bigger than it actually is.
  • Accessories: Purchase bathroom accessories such as mirrors, towel rods and shelves from a reliable source. The handymen will help during the process of fitting and installing the proper tools.

There are a lot of ways to decorate each and every corner of the house. The key factor is months of detailed planning and proper execution.  Like the famous American interior designer, Kelly Wearstler said, “Having an eye for it is one thing, but you have to be able to execute”. Renovating is a skill best learnt with own experiences, so without hesitation start decorating one room at a time. And in no time you’ll be an expert in the field who will know the tricks of the game.



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