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Buy an Affordable Organic Mattress for Sound Sleep Every Night

We have been using traditional mattresses for a very long time now. However, in reality, these mattresses are extremely affordable yet harmful to our health. A traditional mattress is manufactured with non-organic materials. Everything from the material of the mattress to the toxins used to make it, such as the glue, contains elements that contribute to the air pollution inside your bedroom.

If you are spending even less than 6 hours on your bed or the mattress, then you are still exposing yourself to a lot of toxic fumes in just one night. These toxic fumes are harmful to individuals of all ages. For example, it can hamper proper child development or trigger asthmatic reactions in adults.

This is why using an affordable organic mattress is a better option than exposing yourself to chemicals like antimony and formaldehyde. An organic mattress is prepared using all-natural, chemical-free materials throughout the manufacturing process, which makes it safe for children, adults, and the elderly.

We have prepared a small guide to help you understand what chemicals are hiding inside your mattress and what you can do to purchase an affordable organic mattress.

Is Your Mattress Releasing Toxins?

If you have purchased your mattress from a normal store without checking the ingredients and certification of the mattress, then it is highly likely that your mattress contains harmful chemicals. Most of the normal mattresses are prepared with polyester and polyurethane fibers. Here are some of the chemicals which are commonly found in a non-organic mattress but not in an affordable organic mattress.

  1. Flame Retardants
  2. Pesticides
  3. Formaldehyde
  4. Antimony
  5. Vinyl
  6. Boric Acid

What You Should Consider For An Affordable Organic Mattress?

As a customer, it is obvious for you to get worried about this decision. This is why we have explained some factors below, which can help you make the right decision about an affordable organic mattress.

1.      Avoid Polyurethane

Don’t purchase a mattress with polyurethane foam. It is not organic and it is not always affordable as well. These mattresses contain an array of harmful chemicals that release fumes throughout the day. In fact, you should avoid polyurethane or even expensive brands. The cost structure doesn’t make polyurethane less toxic.

If you truly want an affordable organic mattress, then polyurethane is not the right decision. Even plant-based and soy-made mattresses can release some amount of benzene, formaldehyde, naphthalene, and toluene. This reduction in harmful fumes doesn’t make a difference. You and your children are still exposed to the offgas, which can negatively impact your health in the long-term.

2.      Find Organic Material

Another factor that you should consider is to look for certification of the mattress. Multiple vendors may promote their product as organic when only one or two of their elements may be organic. Hence, look for the certification before purchasing an affordable organic mattress:

  • GOLS is a certification given to natural and organic latex mattresses. The latex used in these mattresses is naturally recovered from rubber trees and no chemicals are used during manufacturing. If you fail to check this certification, then you may get a latex mattress containing synthetic material, which is made with polyurethane foam only.
  • Another certification that is commonly referred to for cotton and wool is GOTS. This certification means that the affordable organic mattress is prepared using organically obtained cotton or wool. These organically obtained materials are not fetched using chemicals. No chemical is used throughout the entire process.

These two certifications help in ensuring that you are receiving the right affordable organic mattress.

3.      Check Firmness

Decide the firmness of the mattress beforehand. Usually, affordable organic mattress providers offer options for varying firmness. But, make this decision based on your sleeping patterns. If you have a habit of sleeping on your stomach, then it may be difficult to sleep on an extra firm mattress.

But, if you have back issues, then you can take a firm mattress with both firm sides. You can ask the provider to customize this option for optimum support.

4.      Check Warranty

Get the maximum warranty that you can get. It is necessary to understand that firms that truthfully manufacture affordable organic mattresses often provide a guarantee and warranty. Therefore, you can actually use this as a marker to select the right type of affordable organic mattress.

For example, you can get up to 20 years of warranty. So, check the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

5.      Look at the Delivery

Whether you believe it or not, the experience you get at delivery makes the purchase easier. Don’t you want your delivery person to drop the mattress in your bedroom rather than at the door? It is a hassle to take the mattress upstairs and assemble it yourself. If you have the option, then take the option for assembly.

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