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How to Store Radishes Long Term

How to Store Radishes Long Term – Keep Your Root Crops for More Than One Week!

 Radishes are edible root vegetables like the carrots, rhubarbs, turnips, celery, and other root crops. There are several common types of radishes which include daikon or white radishes and black Spanish radishes. Like any other vegetable, you would want to learn how to store radishes long term. They are consumed all over the world mostly raw as it is mixed in different salads.

store radishes
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Having newly harvested radishes grown from your backyard or garden ensures your fresh vegetables for your meals.

Radishes are rich in Vitamin C that helps in rebuilding your tissues, keeping your bones and teeth strong, and rebuilding your blood vessels. Furthermore, consuming your Vitamin C-rich radishes can also help in fighting diseases and rescues cells from destructive free radicals. Being a good source of fiber, it also helps your system to function regularly, as well as keeping a healthy metabolism.

However, with all the health benefits one can get from eating radishes, how can you store them correctly? Old vegetable stored in your fridge or at home increases the chances of it being contaminated with different bacteria which might be unhealthy for you.

To ensure fresh radishes in your home, here are some useful tips on how to store radishes long term:


Store Radishes – Easy Tips for Storing Store-Bought Radishes


store radishes
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Store-bought radishes are usually packed in bags which are readily available in your local supermarkets.

The easiest way how to store radishes long term is by making a short trip to your local supermarket. You just have to locate the aisle where root vegetables are displayed, and you pick one up, and then put it in your cart or basket. As a consumer, you should choose your radishes carefully and make sure they aren’t old stocks on display.

To store your store-bought radishes, here are some ways that can help extend its shelf life for a couple of days more up until a week, as well as how to keep them fresh and crisp. Follow these foolproof tricks:

store radishes
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These radishes have had their green leafy tops cut off, a super easy trick! 

  • The first step would be cutting off the leaves, stem, and roots (if still intact in your store-bought radishes). This keeps the vegetable from being dehydrated in a day or two.
  • The second step would be washing you radishes thoroughly, making sure that there is no dirt or soil left on the skin.
  • The third and last step would be putting them in a jar filled with cold water. These keep them hydrated and crisp for days!
store radishes

A finished in-ground box, topped with soil, can look like this but smaller depending on the number of radishes you are planning to store.

Store Radishes – Easy Tips for Storing Newly Harvest Radishes

If you are the green thumb of the town, people know you for having a lush garden filled with all sorts of plants. Your garden is in your backyard making it easy access. If you grow your own vegetables and happen to grow radishes yourself, you might wonder how to store radishes long term and keep it for more than a week?

Storing your vegetable correctly can help you extend its shelf life, making it fresh the moment you want to eat it despite from being harvested days ago. The following tips may require having average experience with gardening or farming to ensure its access. But don’t you worry, just follow these tips and you can do it.

Here are several materials you might need for this project:

  • A wooden box— You may build your own depending on the desired dimensions you want to fit your garden.
  • Scrap leaves
  • Hay or straw (You can also make use of some shredded leaves as an alternative)

These materials are essential for building your in-ground box. This type of method works if you are just beginning to learn how to farm and do not have the right materials, place, and experience for a root cellar. By using an in-ground box, it mimics the right environment, which is cold, damp, and dark, right for storing radishes.

store radishes

This wooden box can be your in-ground box covered with the first layer of hay.


In your wooden box, sandwich your freshly harvested radishes in layers of hay and leaves. Once you have layered all your radishes, make sure to top it off with some dirt. This helps insulate your radishes, and it keeps them from getting dehydrated. The key is layering your radishes with enough hay and leaves to keep the sun from reaching your precious root vegetables.


Store Radishes- Tips for the Intermediate Farmers

 If you have been in the farming business or hobby for a long time, you can still have a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure your radishes are fresh and crisp for your table or for market. How to store radishes long term requires you to keep it in a place or area with no sun and an environment that is not dry.

This tip has been used for centuries and is an old tradition. If you have enough land and resources for this tip, then you are in the right place! The only thing you will be needing is a root cellar. A root cellar is like the ancestor of your modern-day fridge. It is used for storing root vegetables and other food after harvesting, especially in the times of winter and autumn when farming for certain vegetables is not possible.

store radishes
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An example of a root cellar made from stones that are used during the olden times of farming.

There are several types of modern-day root cellars for you. Here is a quick list for you to choose what is most accessible for your needs:

  1. Basement root cellar is a root cellar that you build in your own basement. These are attached to your house for easier access.
  2. Hole-in-the-ground cellar is made from digging down in your yard or horizontally in a hillside. You can use garden tillers to dig out a hole for you ground cellar.
  3. Garbage can cellar make use of metal cans or metal barrels. This is helpful during winter because it keeps the water out. Just make sure to clean the metal cans or barrels with an electric pressure washer to get rid of dirt and grime.


All these types of root cellars help in storing your radishes for a week or even longer. All you have to keep in mind is that your radishes are stored in a cool, damp, and dark area.

Wrapping Up

How to store radishes long term can be quite easy. All you have to do is follow the tricks and tips, depending on how you want to store them. Ultimately, the extension of your radishes’ shelf life depends on how you choose to store it.


A fresh radish salad is one of the very many dishes you can use your crisp and freshly stored radishes.

This article has been quite a read, and I hope you learned all you needed to store your radishes for more than a week! If you have found this useful, please do share these to other readers,  gardeners, and farmers who might need this too. Thanks!

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