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Inspiring Design Ideas For Perfect Bedroom

The bedroom should be the most relaxing and most comfortable room in a house or a flat. Designing a bedroom in order to meet these requirements can be a really entertaining process, especially if there are two of you who are participating in it. What makes a bedroom perfect and why is it important to keep the bedroom protected from many things?

First of all, in marriage or relationship terms, the bedroom is the place where two people are completely opened to each other. Starting from the fact that they witness their partners’ toes and the choice of pyjamas every night and morning to some more serious stuff, the bedroom is a sort of shrine for the couple that uses it. That is why the bedroom has to be inspiringly designed and decorated.

1 . Choose Perfect Bed for You

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about the bedroom is the bed. The bed is the essence and base of our lives and productivity, because sleeping is the most important process for keeping our minds and bodies in good shape. If you are a loner, you might want to choose a single bed. The bed-choosing process is more interesting, though, when there are two sides involved. It is always amusing to see how men are manipulated to think that they have participated in the decision-making process, while the truth is that women choose and decide. The bed frame has to be firm and long-lasting, but the mattress is even more important. Mattresses are made from various materials, but if you want real quality, you should always first try the mattress that you are buying. Some people claim that polyurethane foam mattresses are the best blending of price and quality, but you have to try lying on a mattress before purchasing it.

Perfect bed for you

When talking about the bed, it is important to mention that many bed frames come with different lamps and lights, so you can make a different choice of them, as well. The bulbs can be changed and the colored ones can be placed instead, so that the bedroom atmosphere can be changed from time to time. This is handy to avoid monotony.

2. Little Things Can Do a Lot

Apart from the bed and lights, the bedroom can be supplemented with mirrors. Most people have a mirror in the bedroom, but plenty of them can be quite an amusing thing. Mirrors give a taste of exposure to your own self and they can sometimes contribute to questioning your behaviour and attitudes. For example, if you have gained some weight and the bathroom mirror does not reveal that, due to the low power bulb you have installed on purpose, the bedroom mirrors will tell you that you should start doing some exercise. When you have a lot of mirrors, you also need to take proper care of the rugs you have. Modern rugs are practical for cleaning and they can be a real visual refreshment in the bedroom.

Little things can do a lot

3. Keep It Just  For You

The bedroom should be pronounced the gadget-free zone, which includes television and computers, as well. Inspiring bedroom décor means that the two who are using it should be focused on each other and nothing else. Household appliances and gadgets draw people’s attention away from other people. Because of that, keep you bedroom cosy and quiet just for you two.

Author: Sophie Andersen is a designer from Australia. She’s designing quality rugs for modern interiors. She has a passion to share her experiences and tips for home decoration. Follow her on


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