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Wool Mattress Topper: How to Care and Maintain It?

A quality mattress topper is essential for a sound sleep. Even if your mattress is quite firm and it makes sleeping on it a big challenge, a high-quality organic mattress topper can solve this problem. You can come across a wide range of toppers online that are made using various materials like organic wool that helps in comfortable sleeping. Given that there are so many kinds of mattress toppers available in the market, it makes choosing the right mattress topper even more difficult. However, wool is one of the many materials used in manufacturing mattress toppers that is both organic and comfortable. A wool mattress topper should be your go-to option if you are looking forward to a restful and sound sleep.

Though wool is a versatile material, it is essential to keep it clean and well-maintained to extend its shelf life. An organic wool mattress topper, when properly cared for, can make your entire bedding arrangement feel superbly comfortable, alongside increasing the longevity of the mattress.

Here, I have compiled a list of the best ways or methods that you can use to care and maintain the wool topper. But before starting with the list, you should check out some amazing facts related to cleaning wool. These facts can help you care better for your wool topper.

Facts About Cleaning Wool

If you have little knowledge of other materials, then you must know that cleaning pure wool is way different than cleaning other fabrics. While materials like cotton can be cleaned with water and soap, we cannot do the same with wool. Scrubbing wool or using water on this material will cause the wool to shrink.

Every strand of wool has tiny curly scales that overlap each other. These curly little scales are responsible for creating air pockets that facilitate insulation qualities in the material.

Washing wool with water or rubbing them vigorously will uncurl these scales, and the air pockets will flatten. You cannot even give your wool topper for dry cleaning as the chemicals used in their cleaning process can degrade the quality of your wool mattress topper. Giving wool bed topper for dry cleaning will result in fumes generation, which will not be good for you or whoever sleeps on that topper.

Effective Yet Easy Ways to Clean, Care and Maintain Wool Mattress Topper

As you have already read some essential facts regarding wool cleaning, you can now focus on knowing more about the cleaning ways of an organic wool mattress topper. Follow the top four cleaning and maintenance steps shared below to keep your mattress topper as good as new.

  1. Let Your Wool Mattress Topper Breathe

Organic wool toppers absorb your body moisture while you sleep on it for a comfortable and good night’s sleep. If you want to maintain your wool topper like a new one, then don’t forget to get rid of the moisture that has been trapped in the fabric. The process to wick away the moisture is pretty simple. You just need to unmake your bed every morning. Said that; remove comforter, sheet, blankets, and other things from the mattress topper. Let the topper rest alone for some time every morning, so that it can release all the collected moisture in the air. Doing so will maintain the freshness of the wool and also help the organic wool mattress topper to sustain longer.

  1. Fold & Flip

Another effective way to maintain your wool mattress topper is by folding it down every month. If you don’t separate the mattress and topper frequently, then the chances of mold or mildew growth increase significantly. Just like the topper, even your mattress needs to breathe. Since the topper and mattress are closely placed, it becomes necessary for the mattress to give out the accumulated moisture in the air. By folding and flipping your topper every month, you can allow your mattress to breathe and give away all the collected moisture in the surrounding air. You can alternate between folding and flipping so that only one side of the topper doesn’t get used all the time. Flipping also ensures proper weight distribution for an enhanced sleeping experience.

  1. Do Routine Sun Bleaching

Toppers made using wool, also known as an organic wool mattress topper, need to be cleaned using natural ways for better results. Laying the wool topper down under direct sunlight will make the product deodorized, naturally bleached, and disinfected. Do sun bleaching once a year and the wool topper will be perfectly good.

If you live in a place having a humid climate, then you should follow the following measures for keeping the wool topper clean:

  • Buy a good quality humidifier
  • Place the topper under the sun more frequently
  • Remove the bedding elements, like blankets, sheets, and others to one side and allow fresh air to reach the different layers of the mattress
  • If you don’t want to place the topper under the sun, then use a space-heater
  • Vacuuming the mattress can also be considered
  1. Remove Stains (If Any) Using a Soft Towel

Some people have the habit of having bed tea in the morning. As not everyone gains full senses the moment they wake up, there remains a chance of accidental tea spilling on the topper. If your wool mattress topper has a liquid stain, then it becomes difficult to get rid of it. Use a soft towel or cloth to remove it. You can lightly press against the spot, but make sure to never rub the cloth against the topper. To remove the stain, make a mixture of salt, baking soda, and a little portion of water. Spread the thick paste on the stained area and allow it to dry. Once the paste has dried, remove it gently and allow it to dry in the open air. The stains will eventually get removed through this process.

If you follow the ways mentioned in this article, then you will never face any problem in maintaining your organic wool mattress topper. It will stay fresh and last longer.

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