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4 Benefits of Sleeping on an Organic Latex Mattress

organic latex mattress benefits

Latex mattresses are immensely popular worldwide for their comfort and durability. After a long day, there is nothing cozier than being on your soft bed followed by an undisrupted slumber. However, not all latex mattresses can provide you that except for the organic latex mattresses.

What Are the Types of Latex Mattresses Available?

In general, three types of latex foam are used in making mattresses:

  • Synthetic
  • Blended
  • Natural

Synthetic Latex Mattresses are prepared using rubber-mimicking plasticky materials that are also used in tires, turfs, conveyor belts, etc. Although reasonable, these synthetic mattresses are prevalent with harmful chemicals, absolutely unsafe for anyone, especially children.

Blended Latex Mattresses are made of 70% synthetic foam and 30% natural latex, thus not free from the chemicals.

Organic Latex Mattresses are crafted using natural latex foam. It is created from the white, milk-like sap harvested from the rubber trees.

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping on an Organic Latex Mattress?

If you have never experienced unwinding on a latex mattress that is 100% organic, you will be surprised to learn about the bunch of benefits it offers:

1. Health Friendliness

Health is wealth, and it comes first in every way of life. The natural latex mattresses have gained a global demand for the following health supports:

  • Hypoallergenic Material

People with respiratory illnesses and children need to rest on beddings that are absolutely clean and allergen-free. But despite a thousand cleansing attempts, different allergic bodies grow and remain beneath the innerspring surfaces of the traditional coil mattresses. Natural latex prevents such damaging microbes from growing and spreading in your bedroom.

  • Peaceful Sleeping

Sleep deprivation can become your no.1 enemy if it gets chronic. Do keep waking up at night for no reason? Do your mornings seem tiring and very unpleasant? If you were not aware, long term sleep depravity can have adverse effects on your health, including:

  1. Memory issues
  2. Concentration problems
  3. Weak immunity
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Increased diabetes risk
  6. Higher risk for obesity
  7. Heart diseases
  8. Low sexual desires
  9. Frequent mood swings

Moreover, individuals with a lack of adequate sleep are more prone to accidents.

A natural latex mattress gives you that snug feeling that you much deserve and crave. You can also use a natural latex mattress topper for extra support in case you suffer from persisting back pain.

  • Zero Off-Gassing

The Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs present in the artificially generated latex foam beddings cause off-gassing—it’s a process where the synthetic mattress or newly built furniture release airborne chemicals, producing a certain kind of odor. Over time, these VOC molecules get settled in every corner of your home, making your home environment deeply polluted.

A duly certified organic latex mattress, being all-natural, assures that every breath you take while sleeping means no harm to your overall health.

2. Motion Isolation Properties

If it’s neither the dripping faucet nor the neighborhood dog, then it could be a restless partner who doesn’t let you sleep through the night. It’s somewhat like sleeping on a water bed—your partner keeps tossing and turning all night, trapping you in a vicious insomniac cycle.

Well, no doubt you are dying to break free, and you can do that by simply changing your mattress. The plush, cushiony organic latex mattresses are infused with motion isolation properties that don’t let the motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. Adding a natural latex mattress topper can let you have sweet dreams, providing a cooler surface that allows adequate airflow.

3. Earth Friendliness

Sleep to wake up in a better world. When you bring home a natural latex mattress, you are taking a step towards saving this environment!

  • Recyclable

The synthetic foam used in mattress making cannot be recycled. Once they are damaged after 7 years or so, you have no other option but to dump those somewhere. Such materials are hazardous to our nature. On the contrary, the mattresses made with natural latex are recyclable. They are biodegradable too in case you don’t send those for recycling.

  • Durable

Synthetic latex mattresses are cheaper not only because those are puffed up with faux foam but also because those are less durable. The organic latex beddings can last up to 20 years or more with a warranty period of 10 years on average. But a synthetic or blended latex mattress has a maximum of 6 -10 years of longevity.

Pro tip: You can turn your organic latex mattress into a more resilient one by laying a natural latex mattress topper on it. Latex toppers save the mattress from general wear and tear, stains, etc.

4. Options for Customization

The quilted natural latex mattresses are manufactured by filling in the foam layers. So in case you are a fan of those bouncy beds, you can always layer it up or can add additional supports on both sides.

If you are to put your stock in the organic latex mattress, it’s totally worth it. Remember, It’s a one-time investment that is improving your physical well-being on the one hand; on the other, it is preserving the ecological balance of our nature.

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