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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a New Mattress

mattress buying factors

While spending on a good mattress is an expensive affair, one cannot ignore the benefits that this investment brings along. Many experts agree that sound sleep is crucial for a healthy mind and body, and a good mattress only helps in having a night of uninterrupted sleep. Not receiving the required comfort and support from a mattress is one of the reasons behind those sleepless nights that make you wake up tired the next morning. Whether you decide to buy a natural latex mattress or any other mattress type, choosing the right pick is important.

If you’ve started looking for the best latex mattress online, you must have come across a variety of mattresses in varied price ranges. While a natural latex mattress is always an excellent option to go ahead with, one should still create a checklist before investing in any particular mattress. After talking to various experts and people, we have compiled an ultimate list that will always help you choose the right mattress. Read the below-shared factors one and by one to know what all you need before making a final mattress buying decision.

Mattress Type

In a bid to meet the ever-changing mattress requirements, the mattress industry has come up with a wide range of options. Earlier, the innerspring mattresses were the most common mattress type across the country. With time, the industry came up with various other options, including- latex mattresses, foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, airbed mattresses, and innerspring mattresses. Check out a brief of each mattress type to find out what suits you the best.

  • Latex Mattress

    A natural latex mattress is made entirely of organic latex rubber. Known for its quality bounce and durability properties, a latex mattress offers the best moderate contouring. It is often the first choice of eco-friendly product lovers. If you’re considerate of the environment and your peaceful sleep, you can consider this option.

  • Innerspring Mattress

    Known for its coil-based support system and lower price point, this budget-friendly mattress has always been on the wishlist of budget shoppers. Though the coils offer good support, they don’t give the required pressure relief. Innerspring mattresses often provide limited motion isolation, and their sleeping surface is bouncier.

  • Airbed Mattress 

    The core of an airbed mattress is a strong air chamber. You can control the firmness of this mattress with the help of its pump-controlled by a smartphone or remote. As it gives the option to remove or add air with the push of a button, people often prefer investing in this mattress for greater flexibility regarding firmness.

  • Hybrid Mattress

    As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is composed of two elements. It has strong innerspring support as the core and a more powerful foam comfort system. What makes this mattress stand out is its contouring properties blended with low heat retention and bounce.

  • Foam Mattress 

    The foam mattresses are made entirely from quality foam. With above-average contouring and pressure relief properties, a foam mattress is also good at motion isolation. These properties make a foam mattress ideal for couples and side sleepers. Of the various foam mattresses available in the market, memory foam is considered to be the best and most comfortable.

With so many mattress types to choose from, be sure to pay special attention to the features of each mattress type before making the final choice.


Comfort has long been subjective, and it continues to remain the same in the case of mattresses and other products. Being said that, the same firmness level doesn’t need to be equally comfortable for everyone. The term “firmness” is used to determine how soft or hard a mattress feels. If firmness was to be calculated on a scale of 1-10, then the mattress getting the highest score implies it is extra firm and vice-versa.

If you’re not sure what firmness level is right for you, consider your sleeping position and weight to narrow down the options. While sleeping on your current bed, contemplate whether you would wish for a soft or hard latex mattress. It will give you an idea of what mattress firmness you should go ahead with. Irrespective of your mattress choice, you can add a quality latex mattress topper for enhanced comfort and durability. To be on the safe side, visit a local mattress store, and try on the different mattress types to identify which bed is comfortable for you. It will remove any probably doubts regarding the firmness and mattress type, ensuring you invest in the right mattress.


The price of a product has always been the deciding factor in many buying decisions. Whether you want to purchase a natural latex mattress or a hybrid mattress, you will always consider your budget and the product’s price before making the final call. The low priced mattresses often lack certain properties that you may want for a comfortable sleep.

On average, an innerspring mattress costs the lowest, if we are to compare the mattress prices of all five mattress types discussed above. The foam mattress follows with a slightly higher price point that is followed by hybrid and latex mattresses. The most expensive mattress is the airbed mattress owing to the features and comfort it offers. If budget is not a constraint, you can always buy a latex mattress topper to boost the comfort and longevity of any mattress type.

While the mattress type, firmness, and pricing are the most crucial factors for choosing a new mattress, you can also consider your sleeping position, weight, ease of cleaning, and body shape to narrow down the results. It will help you get the best mattress available in the market. If the budget is not a problem, go ahead with a natural latex mattress and latex mattress topper.

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